Background: Joe Struck

Raised in a refugee camp. Youngest of 13. He started working at the age of 3 as a pickpocket decoy for his older brothers. His favorite childhood games, Hiding in cargo containers and seeing how far from home he could get before being discovered and building improvised weapons.

After liberating a few too many items from poorly secured cargo hangers he caught the attention of the CONCORD Juvenille Justice Division. To escape prosecution and to see the galaxy Joe joined the Minmatar Marine Corps with a fake datachip at 16. He served as an artillery turret reloader on on the republic fleet battleship "Revolution"; the the last serving example of the early Minmatar Republic's "Storm" Class Battleships, a hulking pile of metal frameworks and manual systems reminiscent of today's breacher class frigate on a battleship scale.

Despite the disappointment at going to war but not getting to see the explosions Joe rose to the rank of Corporal several times. Eventually he got tired tired of being a man in a can with someone else driving. Over several months he used the time between battles to rig up the parts from an escape pod and a broken fighter drone into a semblance of a ship and bugged out in the middle of a full on fleet battle. The 'Revolution" was destroyed in the fight and he was listed as K.I.A. To this day Joe is officially dead.

After a successful crash landing on a nearby planet Joe got in touch with his half brother, a small-time miner and cargo hauler. Joe travelled the dead-end systems of EVE and served as first officer, scout, engineer and spare parts thief as he began to build up a bankroll to bribe his way into school.

Ostensibly admitted to tech school for engineering  no one except Joe  knows for sure he somehow ended up in the capsuleer program.

Just a few months out of flight school Joe joined the Black Rebel Rifter Club.


Other Stuff About Joe:

He is the quiet guy that you don't notice in the back of the room until you start acting stupid and are met with a sharp blow to the head from whatever heavy object happens to be nearby.

Like all the rebels he's a loner that enjoys the company of others.

Comes up with the "good idea" that gets other people shot.

If it is not nailed down it will be stolen.

Joe is a "Working Pirate;...... I mean pilot", and will shoot, scavenge, salvage, steal, rat, and even run missions if the agents pay well and do not ask questions.

He doesn't run cargo missions and never mines.

On shooting miners. "New pilots mining need to be discouraged from wasting their lives,
they do not understand that the name of the Burst ship class is a warning"

Joe only leaves hanger to go the the bar. He has never been in the Captain's Quarters.

Alloyed tritanium bars…ready cash and a handy weapon. 

Joe drinks beer from a stein made from a 125mm autocannon shell casing with a welded drivechain handle.

Spends his spare time hanging out in the Roadhouse Bar, drinking, smoking and re-tatooing the recently podded rebels.

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  1. I just read this. This is awesome. :D The 125mm autocannon shell beer flask ... I gotta get me one of those!!